The Fall River Rod and Gun Club in Westport hosting a Tri-County 3D Archery League shoot on Sunday, July 15th. It will be a full 30 target course with distances up to 50 yards. Most shots are in the 20 – 40 yard range. The set ups provide a realistic archery shooting scenario. You can start shooting as soon as there is enough daylight to shoot safely. We will be shooting all Rinehart targets. We have deer, turkeys, skunk, fox, coyote, bears, dinosaurs, a host of other targets and the brand new Rinehart Sasquatch target (over 7 feet tall). The fee is $10.00. Kids under 18 shoot for free.  Registration will be until 1 pm. The kitchen will be open.

Attention all club members: THE DUES FOR 2018 ARE DUE NOW! The fee is $160.00. They are always due on January 1st. Please pay your dues ASAP! You can pay at the next club meeting on January 8th 2018 at 7:30 pm or by mail to Fall River Rod and Gun Club 571 Fall River Ma. 02722. There are usually some officers and board members around on weekends during shooting hours that will accept your check for dues payments as well. Thank You

Fall River Rod and Gun Club

P.O. box 571

Fall River, Ma. 02722

pistol house 24 hour access card is $50.00

Thank You

Our first of 5 practice archery targets is complete and available for club members to use. It is set at 50 yards but you can shoot it from shorter distances. We will eventually have targets at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards as well. Please keep the doors closed when not being used to protect them from the weather. They are to be used for archery only and with field points only! NO BROADHEADS, BB GUNS, THROWING KNIVES, HATCHETS OR AXES ARE ALLOWED!!! Please feel free to enjoy them as part of your club membership. Many thanks to our members that worked many hours to make this possible.

the pistol house is now reopened, all painting and maintenance work has been  completed,  thank you for your patience during this time



At the January general club meeting on Monday, January 5th the members present voted to adjust the non-member shooting fees to the following schedule: 


Trap== $5.00 (25 Targets)


Skeet == $5.00 (25 Targets)


5-Stand == $6.00 (25 targets)


Sporting Clays == $12.00 (50 targets)


Pistol House == $10.00


These prices take place immediately.



If you are a member, or become a member, your member shooting fees have not changed.